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Tanja Volić

NLP Life Coach

Tanja Volič - NLP Life Coach

Tanja Volić is skilled at drawing out a person's own wisdom to help maximize their work or personal potential, and help them look inward to identify problems that may be holding them back. 
Her approach to change is simple, practical and effective. It is informed by proven and tested tools and techniques/technologies. It is the culmination and refinement of the latest studies in Neural and Behavioural Science, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, Quantum Physics and several life coaching and change management models. With all these techniques she managed to heal herself from fibromyalgia and this gave her even more power and evidence of success. This scientific yet holistic approach has become the new standard for creating sustainable change.
She has been an NLP practitioner for 6 years and in February 2018 she gained six coaching diplomas in the UAE, not for just life coaching, qualifications for hypnosis, therapist, NLP( Neuro-Linguistic programing coaching) which is extremely fast approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy. 
Her RSCI certifications are approved  by federation of NLPC professionals and COMENSA- coach trainer provider. 
She has conducted hundreds of one -to - one client sessions and group sessions- workshops in Europe and clients from all over the world.
She believes that we all have the potential to achieve anything we decide to be and is excited to make even more positive changes within herself and others every day.
Learn the language of your own mind with NLP.

"Your results in life come from your actions, which come from your thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts and your emotions come from your programming."

NLP is making a difference ... and the difference is YOU.

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