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My name is Tanja and  I hope I can help you to reach your goals and feel your best. How do you feel?
Not so good? Are you feeling stuck, unmotivated, maybe stressed or even at the rock bottom?
Congratulations, now is your best time and turning point for a change!  Rock bottom is often a turning point for people!
And I am here to guide  you. 

Who am I and why I want to help you?

Because I know it is not easy to walk this path alone. I felt this too. I felt burnout mentally and physically before I started the new beginning from inside out.

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You are perfect client to be coached by me if:

  • you feel lonely, overwhelmed, stressed, unmotivated?
  • you want quick results with shifting your mindset from negative to positive?
  • you believe in the law of attraction but you don't know how to manifest your goals or what your blockages are? 
  • you like to get rid of doubts, fear, negative self talk, low self-esteem?
  • you would  like to learn how (body) self-esteem affects your  business success and competence and would you like to improve it?

How does NLP work?

Neuro Linguistic Programming works by de-stabilising those unwanted and frustrating ‘programmes’ in your brain, the ones which are causing problems for you. So anything that the brain has learnt, that is no longer useful, can be ‘un-learnt’.

More importantly NLP builds new, positive patterns in the brain, which bring about positive thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It literally works by ‘re-wiring’ your brain, for positive and desired change, and allows you to not only make change, but also to feel good!

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First online session is on me!

Book your free 40 min session to know each other, before we make a life changing plan for you. It's for you to make a decision and feel if we are a good fit. No payment needed.

This session is shorter because it's for you to get more information and for me to know more about you and see how I can help you to feel your best.

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My clients success stories

  • I have to say that I absolutely loved the seminar that I attended. Even if I was quite familiar with the topic and I have been studying it for a long time, it is always such a good reminder. I feel that we need these reminders all the time because it is so easy to fall back to our old habitual thinking. What I loved even more about the seminar was that I immediately felt such a strong bond and connection with Tanja. She is the kindest and most loving soul and also knows exactly how to get the point thru in a way that everyone understands it. I think that NLP is something that everyone needs in their lives. Even if I thought that I was happy and nothing was wrong with me, after sessions with Tanja, I feel like a completely different person. I feel that there is more dept and meaning in everything I feel and do. I couldn't be more thankful and blessed to have had such an amazing experience come across my way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  • Experience with Tanja and NLP sessions was something new for me, I haven’t have even idea what is NLP and what we are going to do on the session. When Tanja said: don’t worry, just relax, we will go throw your subconscious etc, I was thinking, Oh no, who know what she will find there lol. I definitely recommend everyone to do it! She thought me so many things and kind of changed my life! Things that we all should apply in our daily routine and make our life better. On the other side, Cleaning my subconscious from bad emotions made me realize how much I was actually holding all those emotions Inside my head. She helped me to release all that anger and I felt great! Thank you Tanja! Much love!
  • Tanja showed up exactly when I was ready to reorganize my life and remove the limiting believers and traumas that we’re stopping me from growing and becoming the person I wanted to be. I tried NLP, timeline, access bars, and few other combination of tools that Tanja thought it would benefit me. It is extremely important that a practitioner knows few different techniques as that will allow you to fix, enhance or remove certain things for the complete result. In few sessions she helped me start living the life I have always wanted and imagined. Meeting Tanja was one of the best investments in myself and my personal growth that gave immediate results and keeps giving on every day since.

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