Did you know that your thoughts  and stored emotions from the past can manifest into physical pains in your body? 

This is great if you are thinking happy thoughts, but diabolical if the reverse is true. Every time you think or react in a certain way, your body releases chemicals into your body.

When you are stressed, for example, cortisol surges through your body and wreaks your system in a number of ways. Emotional pain is linked to physical symptoms in the body. In other words, those aches and pains can have hidden meanings you need to know.

What emotions are present when you experience the pain in your body?

Pain is often an indication that you should move away from unhealthy people, situations or bad habits.

You should resolve problematic circumstances that have been out of control lately or last couple of years. It is time to move forward and you might be angry at yourself for not allowing yourself to live the life you always wanted and dream about.

You might be angry at yourself for allowing others to manipulate with your decisions. You now have fear of taking responsibilities  for your own happiness, future goals and temporarily lost control of your life.

Your pain might be  an indication that you are doing something that you don't want to do or you are triggered by your old traumas that you might not be aware of it consciously.

Are you wondering what I mean with that?

Well.. our unconscious mind runs our show. Out of about 400 billion bits of information that your mind is processing at any given second, you get to be conscious of up to 2000 bits at most. Time wise, you are mostly unconscious, running on autopilot - over 95% of the time. So consciously you are involved in your life just 5%, can you imagine?

So the unconscious mind is the emotional part of you. Let's talk about this part and how it can affect your life. Emotions play a huge role in conditioning your mind.

For example let's say that you are afraid of spiders. We need to find the root cause of this fear, when did you become scared, what happened that time, where were you when this happened. Similar environment or even picture will fire those same neural - pathways and will evoke the stress hormones that will remind you of your past experience and trigger you to be scared again.  Experiencing a similar environment will fire over those same neural - pathways and will evoke the stress hormones that will remind you of your past experiences. 




Emotions can serve us very well. When you are in control of you emotion, they will serve you very well to  create a life you want.

The only problem here - as already mentioned, most people hold onto significant volumes of unprocessed negative emotions. To the extend that affects their focus, thinking, behaviour, producing corresponding results in life. 

There’s good news for anyone who’s been emotionally bumped and bruised through life: you’re not damaged and YOU can heal all parts of you.

Scientists are increasingly discovering just how malleable our bodies and brains can be.

Some more examples of emotional causes- trauma*:

Overweight - Protection. Being unattractive = feeling safe. Trauma related to scarcity such as food, love and protection. 

Ear problems - What you do not want to hear, need to block out, who or what? Fear of confrontation.

Eyes - seeing truth, resistance to not seeing your environment, too much responsibility, wanting to hide. Related to birth trauma.

Acne - not accepting the self. Dislike of self.

Apathy - resistance to feeling. Deadening of the self. Fear.

Allergies - Who are you allergic to? Denying your own power.

Bladder - feeling pissed off with people in authority. Feeling helpless and disempowered to change your circumstances.

Coughing - You may have too many bubbling to the surface and are too scared to express yourself. Your circumstances are irritating yet you feel powerless to make any changes. You feel controled or pushed away. 

Cellulite - stored anger and self - punishment.

Dyslexia - you seem to feel pushed and forced to accomplish and perform certain tasks. You feel unsupported and lack the guidance of influential people. The left and right hemisphere of your brain does not connect in harmony. you seem to be unable to decide who and what you want to be, including gender you shoul be - a parent may have felt this way while you were still in the womb.

Headaches, migraine  - Self criticism, fear. 

*Emotional causes via books: Metaphysical anatomy, Your body is talking, are you listening; Evette Rose &  You Can Heal Your Life; Louise Hay

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There are many ways to address emotional muscle memory. Some specific trauma release techniques require a licensed and trained practitioner to facilitate the process but some you can do yourself.

Yoga, exercise, and meditation are other powerful tools that can be implemented on your own.  My favourite and most fastest tehnique  that help me and others the most is Timeline therapy - hypnotherapy.

One of the main solution that you can do by yourself is to release unhelpful muscle memory is CULTIVATING PRESENCE & CONNECTION WITH YOURSELF. 

The core problem is that many people are dissociated from themselves — a state where you mentally “leave” your body. This is an excellent coping mechanism for when feelings overwhelm you. But living this way long term leaves you numb and in perpetual unsupportive mind body patterns.


How do you connect & cultivate presence & connection with yourself?

Bringing your awareness inward while meditating or even in peak hour traffic allows you to feel any unprocessed feelings stored in the body. Staying with your feelings with total loving awareness allows emotions to rise, digest, and fall away. You can also write them down on the paper. 

Connecting to sensory awareness is a powerful tool in becoming present with yourself, which ultimately will heal a rift between your mind and body.
Daily check in to your emotional state. If you need help with that, you can download printable your daily emotional log.
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