Who am I? Who are you? Have you discovered who you really are? How do you have a spiritual awakening? How do you find yourself?

Recently, so many people have asked me how I became a spiritual guru, healer & motivational coach from working as a model & guest relations for some of the best clubs and restaurants. How did my spiritual awakening happen?

 It makes me smile when I hear such questions, and I’m happy to answer.

The truth is, I’m not a spiritual guru, I’m not a healer, and I was not “just a party girl” or ambassador of the best clubs before that. No, no, no.

This is how people saw me because we always see what we want to see. We need to look deeper, and really listen to people. If you want to know that person, question more!

I began by questioning myself (I still do), and asked what am I really good at doing? Who am I? What do I really want to do for my true happiness and to be proud of myself? How can I heal myself from fibromyalgia? How can I be better version of myself? Am I really happy or just comfortable?

I thought that I had everything, I had an easy life that looks perfect to everyone else, but I didn’t feel perfect. I didn’t feel like I’m living my perfect life. I questioned, how can I be happier? How can I make a big difference in mine and someone else’s life? How can I manage to enjoy and be motivated for work 24/7?

“Why am I not growing anymore, as I used to?”


I needed to step up from the comfort zone I was in, not feeling like I was enough. I knew I was so much more than this, and even the people closest to me were telling me the same all the time. I felt this way, but I didn’t do anything. So, I asked myself how I could take a big step forwards, towards my true goals. You all need to ask yourselves, over and over again. Questions have power – creative power. And by addressing deep questions to yourself, you will get profound answers from yourself and universe.

I got an answer for all of my questions. I’m growing every day, more and more, and even if I feel better than ever, I’m still learning and growing. I achieved loads of certifications for coaching and I have learned amazing techniques for how to solve different problems and even how to heal with your own mind, in just one hour or even less. But I’m still learning more. About myself and about everything that can help others as well.

I share my knowledge with all of my passion, my experiences and my own stories.

I’m so happy to show people what our subconscious mind is capable of. I have so much to tell and so many learn from all of you. 

I’m learning so much every day from my clients. Each story has something special. We all are special. No one is like you. When you see yourself as a unique individual and you understand that you are irreplaceable, you get the opportunity to really accept who you are and embrace yourself. No one has your story. Isn’t that special enough?

What is your story? How do you want your story to continue?

Because you are the creator of your own destiny. It’s time to start living more consciously. 

Your subconscious mind is pushing you to the limit of your comfortable zone which is just hiding from something that you really want. It does not mean that you are a lazy person, if you are lazy at work. It just means that you don’t have passion for what you do, so you need to wake up and find your true passion! Seek out discomfort and wake up! When you are challenged, you are asked to become more than you were. That means creating new perspectives, acquiring new skills and pushing boundaries

  • What would YOU do differently if YOU knew nobody would judge YOU?
  • What do YOU want to be remembered for?
  • What are YOU most passionate about?
  • What has YOUR heart and intuition been telling YOU that YOU might be ignoring? 

You need to wake up your intuition, and meditation is the best way to do it! Meditation is full of answers from your inner wisdom. Enjoy the silence, learn to be alone and listen to yourself.

Life was given to us as a gift – to enjoy and appreciate, to love and to live. And by finding our way back to ourselves, back to who life created us to be, we will be able to enjoy, appreciate and live our lives to the fullest.

Be grateful for everything that you already have and you will attract even more and more. Gratitude is a frequency! Raise your frequency.

Everything and everyone operates at a specific frequency. But it’s our personal frequency and vibration that determines our experience. What kind of experience do you want to attract and live?

Question yourself and listen to your inner voice!

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