My story

Hey, you are not alone in this. I know how it feels to hit the rock bottom. For me it all started when I was 15 years old and hospitalized for depression and that time I truly decided
"I will never go back to this darkness."
That thought saved my life. It was a decision that I truly don't want to feel this way anymore.

Who am I? What is my story? Why do I want to help you on your journey? ;)

What makes me unique is not so much my education, my knowledge in the field of wellbeing and life coaching, it is much more my story and my life experience. What makes me unique is that I sincerely care about you. I truly understand where you are coming from and what you are going through.  

Why? Because I WAS YOU, just a few years ago. I was a high achiever who always puts others first. In the past, I never worried about my health - and then suddenly I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

I was also a typical people pleaser who found it hard to say NO even though I was overwhelmed with so much going on in my life and always wanted to help people who even told me that I should do this as a profession when I had another career. 

After years of a highly pressured life and building a successful career (because that's what we're conditioned to do and that's what all my friends were aiming for), the first cracks started to show.

My friends and family started noticing my mood swings. I often snapped at people when I felt I was under extreme pressure and overwhelmed but I didn’t know how to stop being so irritable. I tried even harder to be nice, forthcoming, and work harder, hoping to show how valuable I am and running my own business in the Middle East. 

My life was a living hell.

Soon I found myself worrying about my lifestyle and then worrying about things in my life in general which caused me huge anxiety, But, instead of seeking help, I chose to ignore the facts and signs my body was showing, which only caused additional stress to my body and soon I started developing other several stress-related illnesses that made my life a living hell.

At that time, my body was weak. I couldn’t sleep at night, I had no energy, and I couldn’t remember what life was like without brain fog, chronic leg pain, and headache. 

It was no wonder my career and relationships never went the way I wanted. I was lacking in knowledge about mental health, I was irritable and emotional and the more hours I worked the more stressed I became. But, what was I supposed to do? I was too ashamed to talk to colleagues or even friends about my feelings, my overwhelm, and fear of being judged. And I wasn’t ready to give up the career and lifestyle I worked so hard for either. I didn’t want to be perceived as weak.

I had to find another way out of misery, so I could get my life back, be happy, healthy, wealthy,, and be myself again. I did not want medication that would only mask the problems. I didn’t want to waste MORE time and money on expensive programmes or researching treatments that never seemed to seem to work. 

 I almost gave up (but I didn’t). 

I had enough of NOT prioritising self-care and NOT investing in myself the way I should have been all along. It was inevitable that I burned out and ended up in hospital. While I recovered, I came across a NLP life coaching course that got me intrigued about everything mind related and that’s when my journey of self-discovery really started. 

I’d had enough of just reading books and listening to motivational podcasts and meditation. At that time, I did this to help myself recover from burnout and to overcome all my health and career challenges. I attended a course where I healed through mindful exercises and timeline therapy that I am practicing now the most with my clients.  

I had to heal my suppressed emotions (that I didn’t know I had until my NLP sessions) and find a new path and lifestyle. New life! Who am I without all these suppressed emotions, traumas, expectations, and showing up strong when I don’t FEEL like it?

So this is how I developed a passion for everything related to well-being which led me to the path of becoming a life coach and therapist. 

I realised that traumas from our childhood can affect our adult life more than we can even imagine and hey, it’s been a journey for a while, but it was so worth it!

After my transformation, I got certified as a NLP & Life Coach and timeline therapy and I also became a certified Access Bars practitioner and Family Constellation Facilitator. 

Now I know how to help others with shortcuts, so they don't need to go through the same long journey as I did and I know how to prioritize myself first and I want you to do the same ! ;)

Adopting a holistic approach is a KEY to full recovery. 

I realised that if I wanted to fix my relationships, health, and career, OTHER related factors must be considered.

The only way to success is to put MIND, BODY and SPIRIT at the centre of everything I do for myself and the people I help.

It’s so frustrating to try many things that don’t work, waste so much time, and you still do not feel good. 

If you don’t crush those problems, they’ll crush you. Believe me, I know that because I was YOU a few years ago. 

I am here to listen to your story. Are ready to share it with me?

Sooo if you don't feel your best and thinking:

“I never want to feel this way again.”

This is one of the most life-changing things you can ever feel, because it becomes the foundation upon which you build everything else.

That thought is not just an idea. It is a declaration, and a resolve. When you decide you truly do not ever want to feel a certain way again, you set out on a journey of self awareness, learning and growth that has you radically reinvent who you are.

You are perfect client to be coached by me if:

  • You feel lonely, overwhelmed, stressed, unmotivated?

  • You want quick results with shifting your mindset from negative to positive?

  • You believe in the law of attraction but you don't know how to manifest your goals or what your blockages are? 

  • You like to get rid of doubts, fear, negative self talk, low self-esteem?

  • You would  like to learn how (body) self-esteem affects your  business success and competence and would you like to improve it?

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My story in video

I am here to help you out, my friend

Yes, friend. I dont coach my clients with that approach that they need to listen to my advice, because I know the best. No, not at all.
I am here to be your friend and  ready to help you through your quarter- life crisis that nobody talks about.
It is real. 
No matter what your dreams or obstacles, you have the power to change your life and, by doing so, you will change the world.
I looove life and I love to help others to feel the same. I was not always loving my life in the same way, but I was always compassionate in any way I knew before and helped as much as I could. Yes, already as a little girl. Well, now I still have the same heart full of love, but also knowledge and the best tools to create miracles for your mindset  in a very short period of time.

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Professional credibility 

My RSCI certifications are approved by federation of NLPC professionals and COMENSA- coach trainer provider.

I conducted hundreds of one - to - one client sessions and group sessions- workshops in Europe and clients from all over the world.

I believe that we all have the potential to achieve anything we decide to be and I am excited to make even more positive changes within myself and others every day.

My clients success stories

  • I have to say that I absolutely loved the seminar that I attended. Even if I was quite familiar with the topic and I have been studying it for a long time, it is always such a good reminder. I feel that we need these reminders all the time because it is so easy to fall back to our old habitual thinking. What I loved even more about the seminar was that I immediately felt such a strong bond and connection with Tanja. She is the kindest and most loving soul and also knows exactly how to get the point thru in a way that everyone understands it. I think that NLP is something that everyone needs in their lives. Even if I thought that I was happy and nothing was wrong with me, after sessions with Tanja, I feel like a completely different person. I feel that there is more dept and meaning in everything I feel and do. I couldn't be more thankful and blessed to have had such an amazing experience come across my way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  • Tanja is a person with genuine passion for people. She is fearless in digging in her own existence, and that's what makes her good at what she does. Her enthusiasm and kind heart are her two main personality ingredients which you can't miss when talking to her.
  • Coach Tanja is an amazing one . I had a limited belief within my self and she guided me through a coaching session to unfold the solution from within me hence resolving my limited belief. I had clarity to think and was easier for me to perceive my self differently by changing my thoughts about the self and in resolving my limited belief with her guidance. Thank you Tanja for enlightening my life and even much more appreciation to the joyful domain I am living in now. I would strongly recommend her for any life issues, conflicts , limiting beliefs and much more that might be holding you back from the default joy. She is simply an amazing and a delightful coach.

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