Price list

1:1 Online coaching Prices

  • 1 session: 150 € 

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Coaching packages

Sessions: 3 x 60 min
300 € (100 € per session)
Duration: 3 weeks
Sessions: 5 x 60 min
450 € (90 € per session)
Duration: 1 month
Sessions: 10 x 60 min
800 € (80 € per session)
Duration: 2 months

Personal Development membership

3, 6 or 9 months journey to more happiness, peace, clarity, confidence, productivity, energy, courage and more!

1100 €
3 months
personalized program
2000 €
6 months
personalized program
2900 €
9 months
personalized program

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My clients success stories

  • Tanja!!! I attended so many workshops already ... but yours was something completely different and it gave me so much informations and new, completely fresh knowledge about the low of atraction. My mind is again on the right path and I know that you are going to help me even more with our private session. I am so grateful to know you, you are just amazing! Thank you so much for everything!
  • Tanja, our Belafit team would like to trully thank you for two incredible workshops that you had with us! We are really lucky and grateful that we have that honor to have you here. Always when you come, our salon is full of positive energy! We always atract you with our thougths when we need you! You are a diamond and trully unique! Thank you!

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