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My clients success stories

  • We had the pleasure to have Tanja as a keynote speaker in our event facing forwad hosted by It Works Network, dedicated to Networking with personal & professional development. Tanja spoke about self healing, highlighting very useful insights for our audience on how you can actually heal your self using brain power. She was an outstanding speaker, and she knew how to simplify the complicated information. We recommend Tanja as a speaker and a coach for any event that focuses on personal & professional growth.
  • Beauty with brains…… The statement is true … I am a relationship coach, public speaker, dance instructor, hobbyist photographer and in the process of writing my book.I met Tanja Volic for the first time at a public speaking event. From the very start her energy was vibrant and I felt connected on some level. We met again at another event where she and I were both speaking respectively. Her aura while speaking is absolutely refreshing and keeps you attentive. Her body language and attitude are very pleasing to witness. She spoke on some personal life events which kept me gripped to understand how she must have evolved to becoming an effective and encouraging NLP coach as we were on the same page. I was taken down memory lane as to when I started my role as a relationship coach. Excellent stature, very well spoken and confident of her knowledge in her work field. We met over a coffee just to be pleasantly surprised, from the little bit I took home from my meeting that she is a lovely, human being with a desire to add value to people’s life and achieve greater heights. Very happy to know you Tanja and looking forward to a fantastic, respectful friendship. God bless you in your walk of life.

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