I believe in touching people’s lives by making an significant impact in their personal and professional lives.  A Mindfulness program for your team is a must if you want to keep your team happy and motivated.

Mindfulness practices are evidence-based, proven to reduce stress, improve focusboost productivity and wellbeing in all areas of life. 

Personal worries of your employees can easily get out of control, if they allow it and do not know hot manage their own emotions and problems. This can impact only their mental health, but also their productivity.

Out-of-control anger,  sadness  or anxiety are perhaps the most destructive emotions that people experience in the workplace. How does your team manage their own emotions?

I look forward to helping you to solve this problem and I am available to work with you online or offline. I am flexible to come to your company or your retreat location to have a mindful program with your team. :)

What can you get from our workshop together?

  • Learn the skills of maintaining good form and the secrets of breaking bad form and habits
  • Build instant connect with the client the first time – when you call them and meet them
  • Create instant confidence in yourself to solve any problems, in any situation
  • Learn how to be positive 

My clients success stories

  • Tanja!!! I attended so many workshops already ... but yours was something completely different and it gave me so much informations and new, completely fresh knowledge about the low of atraction. My mind is again on the right path and I know that you are going to help me even more with our private session. I am so grateful to know you, you are just amazing! Thank you so much for everything!
  • Tanja, our Belafit team would like to trully thank you for two incredible workshops that you had with us! We are really lucky and grateful that we have that honor to have you here. Always when you come, our salon is full of positive energy! We always atract you with our thougths when we need you! You are a diamond and trully unique! Thank you!

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